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US Patent- Wind Turbine


I was awarded the non-provisional utility patent #9,890,768 for a hybrid vertical axis wind turbine on February 13, 2018. The patent discloses a wind turbine that incorporate a number of innovations to function efficiently at low wind speeds. The wind turbine consists of two blades that generate lift to turn the turbine- the airfoil profile of the two blades utilizes biomimetic concepts and is derived from airfoil profiles of birds of prey. The horizontal struts connecting the turbine to the blades have a semicircular cross-section which captures wind to provide a drag force. The blades and horizontal struts function together to provide a strong starting torque which allows the turbine to generate power at low wind speeds. The applications for this technology are discussed in the Startup-Verdant Innovatives page. 

The full utility patent is shown here 

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