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Verdant Innovatives

Helping homeowners finally make the switch to renewable power

43% of US households are interested in renewable power but have not made the switch due to the costs and inefficient technologies of existing solar and wind power.  

Verdant Innovatives was developed to provide a cost-effective alternative to solar and wind power to help customers finally transition to renewable resources and reduce their grid dependence. Our novel, patented small scale wind turbines can fully power homes for $10,000, half the cost of competing solar and wind. Our flexible pricing model allows customers to buy a multi-turbine system or individual turbines based on their personal finances.

We’ve patented our turbine, tested a prototype with grant finding, and developed our commercial-grade turbine design. As we raise funding this year, we will enter into a revenue stage and begin marketing and selling turbines to our early adopters. 

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Our vertical axis wind turbines has an innovative patented design that can generate power from low speed winds from any direction, like the diffuse winds founds in urban and suburban areas.  


This is done through a combination of lift and drag producing components. We developed a control feature to actively orient the lift producing turbine blades towards the wind as the turbine rotates to maximize efficiency at operational wind speeds. We also designed a safety feature protecting the turbine at high wind speeds and dangerous weather conditions. 

Verdant Innovatives can power homes and also provide off-grid power for rural areas with limited energy infrastructure through installation of turbines with a rectifier, charge controller and battery system. We develop each turbine system based on our customer’s specific energy and economic considerations. 


Wind turbine companies are few and far between and their turbines cost $26,400 to power the average house that uses 900kWh in a month. Historically, design inefficiencies and high costs prevented the small scale wind industry from becoming well developed, so the primary option for residential renewable power is solar. Solar panels cost $20,000-$30,000 to fully power the home, break even after 20 years, and loses functionality at 25 years, resulting in a small window of profitability for customers. 

Verdant Innovatives beats the competition by providing two affordable, convenient options for homeowners:

   - At a unit price of $2,500, homeowners can purchase turbines one at a time to gradually reduce their grid dependance as             their personal economics will support

   - With 4 turbines, a home can be fully powered with renewable energy for $10,000, less than half the price of competing wind       and solar companies

This also means customers will break even on their investment faster with Verdant Innovatives and will enjoy more profits from the energy our turbines produce. 

Verdant’s turbines can be mounted on the ground or on rooftops, resulting in a simpler installation process than solar panels that requires careful analysis of large rooftop areas and considerations like trees and other obstructions. 

At Verdant Innovatives, we handle all steps of the design, 3D printing, fabrication and construction of our turbines. By controlling the means of production we aren’t limited by the underdeveloped wind energy industry as we commercialize our small scale turbine. We are excited to provide a locally sourced product to our community thats eager to enter into the affordable renewable energy space! 

Logistics and Additional Information

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