Startup- Verdant Innovatives


I developed a patent for a small-scale vertical axis wind turbine based on research I conducted during high school. At the University of Maryland (UMD), I received a grant to install a pilot scale model  of the turbine on top of a building on campus. I also enrolled in the business minor program and the Startup Shell, a student-run business incubator at UMD. With the knowledge I gained from these groups, I founded Verdant Innovatives, a venture with the goal of providing small-scale wind power to the commercial market.

Verdant Innovatives provides a small-scale vertical axis wind turbine to generate energy where it is needed. The turbine is based on a patented design which utilizes cutting-edge technology to generate torque at low wind speeds, allowing it to produce energy in even a soft breeze. 


Verdant Innovatives can provide sustainable power for households, businesses, and larger organizations at a fraction of the cost of competing solar technologies by utilizing innovative and efficient designs, automated manufacturing mechanisms, and easy installation processes. Verdant’s turbines can provide power independent of the time of day, rooftop angle and conditions, surrounding objects like trees and buildings, and many other factors that limit the use of solar panels. 


Verdant Innovatives has two distinct business models to best serve target customer demographics: a fixed-price standardized turbine that allows homeowners to purchase turbines on a unit-by-unit basis depending on their energy needs and budget, and a contract based pricing structure for businesses and larger organizations which more specialized energy needs, where energy usage will be analyzed and a custom turbine will be designed and constructed to match. 


Verdant Innovatives finally provides socially and environmentally conscious households and businesses with an affordable way to generate sustainable power. Verdant also opens the doors to new homeowners and people on a budget with the option to buy individual turbines rather than larger and costlier solar panel systems.  

@2019 Anjik Ghosh