@2019 Anjik Ghosh

Forcelli Laboratory

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I am currently a full-time researcher at the Forcelli laboratory at Georgetown University. My research focuses on understanding the neurological effects of pharmacological treatments provided to individuals that experience epileptic seizures. As these pharmacological treatments are also provided to women who are pregnant and infants early in development, my research investigates the effects of these drugs on neonatal development. Towards this goal I independently developed novel methodologies to conduct large-scale histological analyses on rodent model organisms, and I optimized various histological staining protocols to identify neurological degradation as a result of treatment in developing rodents.

Protocols I have worked on at the Forcelli Lab:


-Gel Matrix for multiple sample histological analysis 

-FluoroJade and Silver Stain Protocols to quantify neuronal degradation and cell death 

-Western Blots and other biochemical assays


-Behavioral Experiments 

-Rodent perfusions