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UMD Sustainability Grant


I developed my wind turbine design to function at low wind speeds commonly found on the ground or at rooftop heights. After applying for a patent, I needed to conduct real-world testing.


I applied to the University of Maryland Sustainability Council to create a pilot scale model of my turbine. The turbine would have a number of functions: 

1. To serve as a proof-of-concept for the design I created

2. An educational tool for the University of Maryland community, and a demonstration of the benefits of utilizing renewable technology 

3. The basis for further improvements of the turbine design 

I was awarded $7,400 to construct the hybrid vertical axis wind turbine on top of a laboratory in the UMD campus. The details for the grant can be found here.


During March 15-17, 2016, I presented this grant project at the 2016 Wind Energy Research Workshop at Lowell, MA.  

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