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Professional Skills and Interests


My academic, clinical and research experiences in oncology allowed me to develop a deep understanding and appreciation for the intricacies of disease and the steps taken to combat them. I've also learned from my startup and business school coursework, which directly compliments my study of the fields of science and engineering by enabling me to develop scientific ideas and introduce new technology so the public can benefit from them. 


My current interests are to work with organizations at the forefront of biological innovation and to learn about groundbreaking practices and solutions offered by research, industry, and academia. My past experiences gave me the tools and confidence to apply myself to new and challenging projects that the leaders of industry offer. My background gives me a unique perspective for medical and healthcare topics as well as technology-based industries at large, and I am eager to apply my knowledge and help make ground-breaking discoveries!



I've worked in numerous BSL-2 research laboratories and am skilled in wet lab protocol and analysis. I've also worked in clinical settings where I have collaborated with physicians and conducted research. 

My biology degree, with a concentration in neurobiology and physiology, provides me with a strong academic background to support my lab and clinical work.


I also studied business, with a concentration in innovation and entrepreneurship, and utilized these skills in the development of my own startup. I developed a minimum viable product, conducted customer interviews and am developing a commercial turbine unit. 

I have spent 10 years pursuing mastery of Solidworks and other computer aided design softwares, which I've used for various projects and jobs. I also have 8 years experience working with 3D printers and associated softwares.

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