About Me- update in progress


I am a scientist pursuing and creating solutions for the important problems of today's world. I recently graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park, where I studied biology and business. I am currently a full-time researcher with the Forcelli Laboratory with the Georgetown University Department of Pharmacology and Physiology. My work at the Forcelli Laboratory investigates the effects of anti-epileptic drugs on neonatal development. 


There are many significant challenges in today’s world, and I see these challenges as opportunities to make profound discoveries and meaningful impacts on people. My investigations into these opportunities not only help understand the science associated with a problem, but seek the development of solutions based on the science, and most importantly, the implementation of solutions so that the public may benefit from them. 


I’ve followed this methodology with two notable research 

investigations. I’ve studied the mysteries of oncology- the study of cancer -for six years. My research endeavors to date focused on uncovering the underlying biology of prostate, breast and gastrointestinal cancers as well as developing innovative and effective treatments to combat them. I’ve also observed the treatment of cancer in clinical settings to understand current treatment procedures and determine ways to improve on them. 


Despite the scientific and technological advancements that we witness on a daily basis, there are many parts of the world where even basic resources like water and power are in short supply. From as early as 7th grade, I focused on renewable resources to ameliorate the energy disparity in the world in a manner that was sustainable and beneficial for the planet. I developed a small-scale wind turbine which utilizes biomimetic concepts to provide power at low wind speeds. I founded a commercial-social hybrid venture to provide this wind turbine to individuals and businesses as a source of affordable renewable energy, and to eventually partner with aid organizations to provide this turbine to impoverished and disaster areas of the world.


My academics and research has allowed me to make significant discoveries in these investigations, and each new day brings new opportunities. I invite you to visit the Portfolio page to learn more about these projects as I continue to pursue these ! 

@2019 Anjik Ghosh